Volunteer Buddhist Prison Chaplain

Ven. Tenzin is a volunteer Buddhist Chaplain with Buddhist Prison Pathways Project (BP3). Several times a month she enters New Folsom’s highest level facility to offer meditation instruction and Dharma talks to inmates. She finds the men inside are very serious about their practice and the Dharma. They work diligently towards maintaining a daily meditation practice in extremely difficult environment. Her interest in volunteer prison work began when she teamed up with the Quakers as a trained facilitator going inside Vacaville CMF to help facilitate “NVC” Non-Violent Communication workshops. Seeing the huge positive results from NVC behind bars it was a natural step to want to bring Dharma inside the prison system. When she was approached by the leader of BP3 to join their project she chose to practice a little positive grasping and said, “Yes.”

It is Ven. Tenzin’s hope for when Khandro Ling finds a location suitable to host other nuns, they to will have a passion for prison chaplaincy and help to bring authentic Tibetan Buddhist Dharma inside for the benefit of all who have found their karma ripening behind bars.

Venerable Tenzin Yeshe at Vesak Celebration Kim Quang Temple Sacramento CAHouse Blessings, Business Blessings, New Born, Long Life Blessings, Funeral Services

Purchasing a new home? Starting a new business or new job? Heading for a new adventure? Ven. Tenzin assists Geshe Damcho when he performs Buddhist blessing ceremonies. If you would like to schedule a private blessing ceremony with Geshe Damcho please contact Ven. Tenzin (916.548.7452). She will be happy to schedule an appointment for you to meet Geshe Damcho to discuss the nature of your request.

Private Interviews

Curious about how to start a personal Buddhist practice? Have questions but a little too shy to ask them openly with others around? Struggling with your spiritual path? Don’t know where to begin to find a spiritual teacher? These, and many other questions, Ven. Tenzin can help guide you find your inner answers. With a broad history of practicing several spiritual paths herself she easily empathizes with the wandering spiritually minded seeker.