Buddhist Meditation Class

Venerable Tenzin is in a one year solitary retreat until January 2019. All classes are on hold until then. If you would like to know when future classes will resume please sign up for the email newsletter. 

Khandro Ling provides a variety of opportunities to learn about Tibetan Buddhist practices, including formal meditation sessions, traditional Buddhist prayers with mantra recitation, and guided meditations on specific topics of what the Buddha taught. When visiting nuns are present you will have the unique opportunity to experience practice styles from different Tibetan monastic traditions. 

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Practice Schedule - Dates/times vary, please contact Ven. Tenzin for details

meditatorChange Your Mind / Change Your Life - Meditation Practice
Location - Khandro Ling, Sacramento CA

What is Meditation?

Meditation is one of the essential disciplines in the path of self-transformation. Developing the core skills of mindfulness, emotional receptivity and positive energy takes place in the structured setting of formal meditation practice. With the meditation skills we develop, we cultivate our pure heart nature and learn to manifest ourselves genuinely in our daily lives. Through meditation we come to understand how things and events truly exist. Teachers, mentors and instructors are essential supports to mastering this ancient contemplative practice.

These training sessions are appropriate for all level of students and spiritual beliefs.

What You Will Learn

• How to become “frazzle free.”
• Seven point meditation posture.
• Nine stages of meditation.
• How to use breath, chanting, prayers and visualization in meditation.
• How to maintain mindfulness in daily life activities.
• Components to a daily meditation practice.
• How to develop meditation tranquility and insight.
• How to connect fully with your spiritual teachers or higher power.


Liberation in the Palm of Your HandBuddhism for Beginners - Lamrim Class - Graduated Path to Enlightenment
Location - Khandro Ling, Sacramento CA

Teachings are from "Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand" by Pabongka Rinpoche

Why Study the Lamrim?

At Khandro Ling you learn more than just a list of exotic ingredients in Buddhism. You receive the full recipe from a teacher who explains how to put the practices into daily life. The Lamrim is the Tibetan Vajrayana recipe book to nirvana and enlightenment.

Lamrim teachings are detailed explanations on how to progress along the path to free ones
elf from suffering rebirths and become an enlightened being "Buddha" through ethical conduct and correct understanding of how things and events truly exist.

Suggested Reading Material - NOT REQUIRED "Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand" by Pabongka Rinpoche (available on amazon)

Venerable Tenzin Yeshe at Discovery Park Sacramento CAMeditation in the Park - ON HOLD UNTIL 2019

 "Change Your Mind / Change Your Life"
Location - Sacramento and surrounding area parks. Have a favorite park? Pass it along to Ven. Tenzin, she would love to hear from you. No experience necessary. Schedule depends on the weather and will be announced through the CYM/CYL  MeetUp page.





MedicineBuddhaOvalWish Fulfilling Jewel Medicine Buddha Practice


Who is Medicine Buddha?

The Eight Medicine Buddhas made special prayers with the aspiration that their particular abilities would come to fruition during our era of many wars, diseases and natural disasters. During this formal practice, which includes reading aloud the puja text in English, Venerable Tenzin will use the bell and dorje and perform hand mudras representing offerings to the Buddhas. By reading the text aloud, practicing the meditation absorptions of the eight Buddhas and reciting the Medicine Buddha mantra we activate the force of this enlightened healing energy and direct it toward the benefit of others and ourselves. You are welcome to just observe and receive blessings or receive teachings on how to participate on a more active level. This is a hugely meritorious practice. It is said that by merely hearing or dedicating the names of the Eight Medicine Buddhas aloud prevents rebirth in the low realms.

If you would like to add an individual’s name, human or animal, to the dedication prayer list, please contact Ven. Tenzin at tenzinyeshe@khandroling.com. Please include the individual’s name and suffering event. You can also mention your name if you would like to receive personal blessings.